Скриншоты проекта 1942

Скриншоты проекта 1942 Витрина Продвинутое освещение, Листва

While most war games are focused on the grittiness of the combat and how dirty and grimy they can make everything look, the developers working on Project 1942 are also focused on making a game that has a proper visual identity to help bring the project to life and give the environments – and the … продолжить чтение
Проект 1942

Проект 1942, реалистичный FPS позволяет вам играть как немцы во время мировой войны Кампания 2

A new FPS is currently in development for PC by an indie team where you take on the role of the Germans during World War II. The Reich is portrayed as the heroes, attempting to safeguard the Fatherland while fighting off the invasion of the British forces and the budding presence of America. … продолжить чтение